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LM To Implement Language Access Plan For The City of Warsaw

It is our pleasure to announce that Language Matters will be implementing a year-long Spanish language-access plan for the City of Warsaw!

After three months of extensive work, president and founder Lucas Fonseca has presented a final report and proposed a language-access plan for the city. The proposed plan was approved by the board of public works and safety on May 6th 2022.

The projects included in the plan are those we believe will make the biggest impact for both the Spanish-speaking community and the City of Warsaw.

Plan Sequence:

  • Project 1: Translation of documents for city departments (Begins immediately)

  • Project 2: 3-Onsite interpreters for the safety day event (September 17th)

  • Project 3: ID program research (Begins immediately)

  • Project 4: Spanish copy writing for city facebook account (Begins immediately)

  • Project 5: 6-month bilingual call center, 4 hours per day (Begins after projects 1, 3, and 4 have been completed)

President and Founder Lucas Fonseca

"We are so thrilled to begin implementing language solutions in the city where it all started for Language Matters." says founder, Lucas Fonseca, "As a company we have always measured success with impact and the number of both individuals and organizations that we are able to reach. This is the kind of work that allows us to live out our mission and make our company a more successful one."

The Language Matters team is extremely thankful to Mayor Thallemer and the City of Warsaw for the quick response in supporting this initiative and making it a priority.

Special thanks to team member and biostatistician Katelyn Ware for supporting us throughout the study, specifically with data processing.

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