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LM Partners With The YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne

Updated: May 11, 2023

We have some great news for our Spanish-speaking clients and supporters!

Language Matters has partnered with the YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne to offer an exciting language-learning opportunity: our innovative online English course, "Practical English", is now available to members at a phenomenal rate!

Why team up for this initiative? Our shared goal of equipping Spanish speakers who want to improve their social and work opportunities can be accomplished through language-learning, and we've already begun to see this program build confidence in language learners!

Director of Diversity, Inclusion & Global Engagement Francisco Townsend

Director of Diversity, Inclusion & Global Engagement, Francisco Townsend explains, "We are making this effort at the YMCA because we understand that learning English allows individuals to develop both socially and professionally"

Our YMCA partnership makes the discounted course rate available to all YMCA members and volunteers, both within the United States and abroad. Employees at the Greater YMCA of Fort Wayne have an additional benefit: upon registration, they can receive access to the English course free of charge.

The course, which is regularly valued at 397.00, is now available for 110.00 for YMCA members thanks to the support of the YMCA.

In a market flooded with grammar and writing-driven language tools, the Practical English program was carefully designed by our team of language professionals to offer realistic practice opportunities. As Bethany Fonseca, Language Matters' Director of Refinement, observed, "It truly 'cuts the fluff' and addresses the daily speaking and listening challenges that Spanish-speakers face."

For more information, see the course/partnership information page located on our website at

The Language Matters team is proud to see respected organizations in the communities we serve stepping up to make language-learning accessible for community members.

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