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LM Partners with Creighton Brothers

Lifting up the communities we serve is why we exist at Language Matters, and when others come alongside us to do that, it’s cause for celebration! 

We want to give a big shout out to Creighton Brothers this month, whose company is partnering with Language Matters to give all of their Spanish-speaking employees access to the LM ‘Practical English’ online course. As a result of their significant contribution, Language Matters leadership has decided to extend the course-access period for the 150 Warsaw Community members who obtained the course in February 2023.

Creighton Brothers President Mindy Truex (Creighton) and Language Matters CEO Lucas Fonseca

A special thanks goes out to President Mindy Truex (Creighton) of Creighton Brothers, who met with CEO Lucas Fonseca this week. Our LM team and the access-recipients appreciate your commitment to and support for the Warsaw community.

Interested in learning more about LM’s online English course? Follow the link to our prior news-release announcing its launch and focus, or contact our team directly using our contact form. 

Contact Form: 

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Nice gesture for valuable learning.

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