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150 Receive Free Access to LM's New Digital English Course!

On April 23rd, 2023, the LM Team granted FREE access to their digital English course to 150 Spanish speakers in Kosciusko County.

This day-long event, during which LM team members added the app to participants' devices, took place at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Warsaw, Indiana.

Director of Refinement Bethany Fonseca

The English digital course is the team's response to years of research through interactions with real students who have participated in a variety of LM programs. The goal is to give more access to students who are unable to attend live classes, and to extend the quality instruction and practice opportunities we offer that help Spanish-speakers gain confidence speaking and understanding English.

Based on these and other language-learning challenges we witnessed, our team set out to develop an efficient program that could be completed 100% online, but that would also meet the needs for practicality and relevancy to daily life for Spanish-speakers living in the U.S..

Through our experiences offering English classes in different settings, we have determined that 3 of the most prominent factors that keep Hispanics from developing language skills long-term include: inconvenient class times or locations; programs that focus heavily on the academic aspect of the language; and low content retention.

This course is an innovative opportunity to allow our Spanish-speaking community to get access to English classes from anywhere at any time. Those who received the course will have one year to access the platform. The 150 spots were made available to the students at no cost through partnerships with local organizations.

We're looking forward to creating new partnerships that will allow us to reach more Spanish speakers and expand this initiative to other areas in the region.

If you'd like to further language education in Kosciusko by making additional spots available, or you'd like to create opportunities for Spanish-speakers within your company or county, please contact us at

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