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LM Expansion: Please Welcome Yolanda Strietzel!

The Language Matters team has recently expanded to include a qualified and enthusiastic LM Associate: Yolanda Strietzel. 

Yolanda is certified in both medical interpretation and translation, and her experience in the language and medical fields will be a significant asset to the LM Team. She will be supporting the Spanish-speaking populations in the cities served by LM, as well as taking on tutoring and teaching roles with clients.

Yolanda will also lead our Gear-Up South Bend program, “Hispanic Leaders English Program”, alongside Laysa Nocelotl. This program is designed to equip the Spanish-speaking middle and high school students of South Bend to become the learners and leaders they can be. In her short time leading the middle-school program thus far, our team members who have worked with her have been impressed by her work and professionalism.

Please join us in welcoming Yolanda Strietzel to our LM team!

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