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Language Matters to Partner with the City of Marion

LM Director of Client Services Jen Leon, Mayor Ronald Morrell and LM CEO Lucas Fonseca

The most energizing partnerships for the Language Matters team are those with the potential to generate significant impact in the communities we serve, which is why we are thrilled to announce LM’s partnership with the City of Marion.

The purpose of this partnership is to effectively support the growing Spanish-speaking population in Marion by making city services more accessible to community members, and the enthusiasm of Marion’s leadership concerning that goal is contagious.

On May 2nd, Language Matters CEO Lucas Fonseca and Director of Client Services Jen Leon met with Mayor Ronald Morrell to finalize details for Marion’s initial study.

Marion's study, titled 'The Welcomeness and Friendliness Report', will involve a series of data-collection and outreach initiatives. The data collected will inform the city about both the needs of city departments and those of Spanish-speaking community members. This will pave the way for city resources to be allocated efficiently as future language-access solutions are implemented, making services and resources more accessible to Spanish-speakers residing in Marion. 

This exciting collaboration is an expansion of the model being implemented by Language Matters in Warsaw, Indiana and Logansport, Indiana. Our LM team is so grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the City of Marion as we continue to make strides for the growing immigrant population in our state!

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