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City of Warsaw Documents Now in Spanish!

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, we are so pleased to announce that all City of Warsaw forms available to the public are now also available in Spanish! We want to thank the City of Warsaw for entrusting us with such an important project that will give access to so many in our community.

The following link is a dedicated site for forms in Spanish that people in our community can access whenever they need. Additionally, all department sites contain Spanish versions of their files.

We can’t stress enough how happy we are to be a part of such an essential process, which begins with the translation of city documents, but will reach far beyond this project as we continue implementing solutions that will further unify our community.

We want to thank Mayor Thallemer and all city officials for making this meaningful, committed partnership possible.

More exciting news will be coming very soon! If you’d like to receive LM updates, you can click here to subscribe!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

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