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Tourist Talk: Common Misconceptions About Foreign Travel

Misconception #1: Foreign Travel Is Unsafe

Did you know that many people abroad have the same concerns regarding travel to the United States that you might have about foreign travel? Worries about food and water, unsafe transportation, and criminal activity are common. That's right- concerns about venturing into the unknown aren't just American- they're human! Thankfully, like most fears, yours can be calmed by someone you trust.

That's right- our suggestion for first-time international travelers is to find someone you trust who has experience traveling abroad. This could be a friend or team leader, a native of the country you plan to travel to, or a tour company. Whether this individual will be traveling with you or not, they can give you advice to better your experience AND help calm your fears.

Misconception #2: Foreign Travel Is Complicated

The truth is, there ARE some differences between domestic and foreign travel. You'll need to do some paperwork, for example. Applying for your passport, enlisting an international phone plan, changing currency, and depending on the country, getting a travel VISA to cover your time there, are all factors in international travel.

The good news? Millions of people throughout history have done what you're planning to do, so there are countless online tools available to make these processes a breeze. And trust us, it gets easier after your first time.

But if you aren't convinced all the fuss is worth it, and you'd still like to experience another culture, you can always

head to Puerto Rico, where your U.S. currency,

photo ID, and domestic phone plan are all accepted!

Misconception #3: Foreign Travel Is Foreign Life

Remember- even when you're visiting a country with a tropical climate- that there is more to this country than its beaches! Your vacation destination is also a place where kids play and go to school, grow up, get jobs, begin families, and dream!

The nation you're visiting may be well-known for its tourist attractions, but it is also a complex nation thrumming with city life and filled with good people! Step out of your hotel/resort (and your comfort zone) and seek out unique memories and relationships! You won't remember that extra day you spent in tourist town- but you'll never forget the day you stepped out of it!

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