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ILI's Rising Latino Star

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Watch video here:

Language Matters CEO, Lucas Fonseca

We are so proud of our CEO, Lucas Fonseca, who was recently recognized at the state-level as a 2023 Rising Latino Star by the Indiana Latino Institute.

The award honored Lucas for his contributions within the non-profit and for-profit fields, with a special focus on his work with municipalities to make city services accessible to Hispanics.

He was recognized at the annual ILI luncheon this past Friday, along with two other notable Latino leaders under thirty years old. Four additional winners received recognition for their contributions within two other categories. In total, over 600 individuals registered for the event.

Our team at Language Matters is excited to be a part of the growing movement of Latinos in leadership. Team members who were present at the event could not say enough about the competence and professionalism of all those who attended. Possibly the most encouraging part of the afternoon, for them, was making connections with purpose-driven Latinos from all over Indiana.

As for you Lucas, we can't wait to see where your vision and passion will take us next. Congratulations- here's to equipping more and more Hispanics to thrive across the nation!

Bethany and Lucas Fonseca

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