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Cultural Coaching & Consulting
Making City Services Accesible to Hispanics

Our Solution

We create and execute custom Spanish-language access plans that equip cities to better reach the Hispanic community.

We help you:

  • Allocate city resources effectively

  • Create a comprehensive plan of action for your city

  • Execute initiatives to foster trust among Hispanics


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Data Collection, Analysis, and Report

Bilingual Call Center

Cultural Training

 Translation of Essential City Documents

Study & Report


The purpose of the Welcomeness and Friendliness Report is to gather and assess critical data that will allow the city to efficiently allocate its resources and develop a plan of action that meets both the city’s needs and those of Hispanic community members.

Bilingual Call Center


The Bilingual Call Center is a city initiative to provide accessibility to Spanish speakers in the community with limited English-language skills.


Language Matters agents are available to interpret and allow communication between city employees and Spanish-speaking community members.

Cultural Trainings

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Cultural Training 1.jpeg
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Cultural Trainings are offered in sessions of up to 50 and up to 100 people. These are one hour sessions in which city employees learn about key cultural differences that will equip them to better serve Hispanic community members.

Translation of City Documents

Essential City documents are identified, compiled, and translated by our professional team of translators.



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