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LM director of client services

Hybrid Job 30 hrs/ week

posted on 12/02/2023

General Job Description: 

The Language Matters Director of Client Services will take on the exciting task of overseeing operations within our rapidly-growing company. He or she will develop relationships with current and future Language-Matters clients, including Spanish and English-speaking clients; supervise daily operations within the company, and collaborate with our leadership team. This position reports directly to the CEO and DOR of Language Matters.


Full Time Position: 30 hours per week


Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain continuous communication with clients and team members throughout the year to ensure proper operations

  • Manage contract-schedules and ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner

  • Plan and initiate contracts as new clients are acquired

  • Keep contractual work organized and on-schedule

  • Track staffing requirements and ensure that each account is properly staffed

  • Manage and supervise team members in order to meet contractual terms 

  • Support with hiring and training

  • Attend meetings and events with other team members

  • Participate in frequent leadership meetings


Key Competencies:

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Organized (ability to keep multiple projects organized simultaneously)

  • Comfortable public speaking (willing to deliver messages to small and large audiences, including trainings and announcements)

  • Willing to travel (3-hour radius)  

  • Independent and self-motivated (works efficiently and meets deadlines consistently with little to no supervision)

  • Team player (periodic reports of progress and blockers to other LM leaders)

  • Learner mentality (always willing to continue learning and training)

  • Flexible and adaptable



  • Bilingual: Proficient in both Spanish and English

  • Bachelor's Degree (Business or Communications preferred)

  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)


Additional Information/Perks:

  • Fully remote - with the exception of meetings and business-travel

  • Flexible schedule; 30-hour work week

  • Potential for rapid-advancement within the organization

  • Opportunities for additional working hours/ compensation within other LM roles

  • Opportunities for additional commission based compensation

If you have any questions please email

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