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Our Mission

Our mission is to equip learners and leaders to bridge the language and culture gaps in our world.

Language Matters is the Indiana-based language company that equips cities and businesses through consulting services, Spanish and French translation, and language-learning programs. Specializing in relating effectively to international communities, the Language Matters team is bridging language and culture gaps through innovation and education.

LM Leadership Team

Lucas Headshot_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Lucas Fonseca

Chief Executive Officer


Bethany Fonseca

Director of Communication


Jen Leon

Director of Client Services


Elizabeth Gross

Executive Assistant

Arturo Profile this one_edited.jpg

Arturo Fonseca

Business-Development Associate


Aaron Nichols

Language-Education Associate


Katelyn Ware

Data-Analysis Associate

Laysa Profile this one_edited.jpg

Laysa Nocelotl

Language-Education Associate

logo png.png

Jennifer Hernandez


LM Logo.png

Catie Long


LM Logo.png

Alejandro Aguayo

Translation Associate


Jennifer Ngoumape

Language-Education Associate

LM Mentors


Benjamin Navarro

Director of Latino Engagement at Grace College


Rhonda Ladig

Owner of Ladig Consulting LLC


Dr. Roger Bingham

Residential Chair, School of Business at Liberty University

Drew Scholl Profile Pic..jpg

Drew C. Scholl

CEO of Missional Leader


Language Matters Leadership Coach

LM Logo.png

the lm team

We are always looking to work with people who want to thrive and be a part of this ever changing world!

We can't wait to start working with you! Contact us today! 

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