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Tutoring Programs and Sessions

Our tutoring programs are offered through face-to-face meetings or online. Our programs consist of two or three one-hour sessions per week, in which the student will constantly engage his or her linguistic abilities through interactive exercises, primarily his or her ability to communicate in Spanish or French. ​Please contact us for pricing information.

In addition to our tutoring programs we also offer 1-time sessions that allows students to to have speaking practice and to clarify concepts.

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Language Programs for Schools and Businesses

Language Matters provides language programs using a cross cultural team approach to support the development of language proficiency and/or communication to promote diversity and culture acceptance.  Tutors lead each tutoring session with an individual and/or in a group setting which cannot exceed four students. Language Matters tutors generate the right conversational environment to enhance each student’s ability to understand and express the target language through interactive listening and speaking activities developed by Language Matters.

For more information about our tutoring programs for schools and businesses please contact us.

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Translation Plans and One-Time Translation 

Our translation services are a high quality service due to our three-step translation process.


Step 1: Documents are translated by our team in the United States.

Step 2: Documents are sent to our team of professionals in Chile for review.

Step 3: Documents are reviewed and certified (when necessary), by our team in the United States.

Lastly documents are delivered to our customers who can feel confident about the translation quality. 

Delivery time will vary depending on the plan selected and/or the project.

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Interpretation Services

English, Spanish and French interpretations for business meetings, activities, presentations, medical interpretation and more.

Contact us to get more information about our interpretation services.

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