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Our tutoring programs are offered through face-to-face meetings or online. Our programs consist of two one-hour sessions per week, in which the student will constantly engage his or her linguistic abilities through interactive exercises, primarily his or her ability to communicate in Spanish or French. ​Please contact us for pricing information.


Our tutoring programs Include:

- 2 one-hour sessions per week with your bilingual team of tutors.

- Interactive projects.

- Continuous study support from our team.

- Individualized learning plan incorporating your personal language-learning goals


Get your documents translated


Spanish and French translations at the low cost of $40/page for general text and $65/page for technical text. 

(each page is 500 words).

Delivery time will vary depending on the plan selected.

*Exclusively available to Kosciusko County Chamber members


As many as 1-time sessions as needed may be set up and will be based on the content the student needs. This is helpful for those struggling on a specific Spanish or French assignment in their studies or a certain aspect of the language. Please contact us for pricing information.


English, Spanish and French interpretations for business meetings, activities, presentations, medical interpretation etc..

Contact us to get more information about our interpretation services.

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