cultural coaching and consulting

Lucas Fonseca

Founder of Language Matters LLC

"I'm passionate about creating bridges between cultures in order to foster trust and unity among individuals from different backgrounds." 

- Lucas Fonseca


How Cultural Coaching and Consulting Will Change Your Business

There are an overwhelming number of language services available, but every company has different needs and goals. We have seen many organizations request services they believe will resolve their issues and improve connections- only to discover that their need for connection cannot be met by a technical service, or that they have invested their resources in the wrong areas.   

To address these common issues, we have developed an effective diagnostic and practical solution for organizations looking to better allocate resources and better connect with Spanish speakers; we not only help you discern your company’s true need, but also equip you to fill that need. Our company’s Cultural Coaching and Consulting is provided by strategy consultant Lucas Fonseca.

Our Offerings Include...

Hispanic Friendliness and Welcomness Report

Cultural Training

Basic Spanish Training

Understanding Hispanic Cultures

Communicating with Hispanics effectively

Company Assessment and Report

Suggested Next Steps and Strategy Development

12-Month Ongoing Cultural Coaching

Hispanic Company Commitment

Your Cultural Coach and Strategy Consultant

Lucas Fonseca, Chile

Lucas Fonseca founded Language Matters in college in 2018. Since then, he has built an outstanding international team that is highly respected for their work in the community. 

Some of his most rewarding projects to date have included work with economic development corporations, chambers of commerce, colleges, and nonprofit and for profit organizations. 

In early 2022, Lucas developed a language-access plan for the City of Warsaw, which he continues to implement. He has also established effective English classes for Spanish speakers and actively collaborates at the Latinx Business Initiative of the Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce.

During his company’s four years of operation, his work has also made entrepreneurial programs accessible to Latino business owners, and provided interpretation for COVID testing sites, as well as being selected as a 2021 gBETA company at gener8tor, a nationally ranked accelerator. In 2021 Lucas was awarded the rising leader award by KEDCO for outstanding leadership in Kosciusko County.

Since the onset of the business, Lucas and his brother also co-founded Aiming Toward College: a recruiting agency that helps international students obtain scholarships in the US. Lucas now acts as a strategy consultant for ATC.

Lucas reflects, “It’s about two things: developing a strategy that will equip leaders to have greater impact, and creating space for relationships to develop.” - Lucas Fonseca


Learn more about Lucas by visiting his LinkedIn profile.